This version was created based on Microsoft Office Excel Formulae and vba codes. To use it you must have MO Excel 2007 or later installed in your computer.

The first version, was created in 2012 by a team of three teachers: ICYINGENEYE Pacifique, BISANGABAGABO Obed and INSHUTI Victor under the idea of ICYINGENEYE Pacifique. These three teachers used to spend hours, days and days filling in Students Progress Reports; that is why the idea of creating a program that can help them in filling students progress reports was implemented.

From year 2013 up to now, new versions were released.

In New version V2.6 (2020)

  • Nursery level has been added
  • User is able to print unclassified students only
  • User is able to print classified students only
  • Error, in displaying marks was fixed
  • Open password added
  • User can modify open password

In version V2.5 (2019)

  • Beautiful design
  • Size reduced.
  • User can choose to show or hide second sitting option on reports
  • User can add school motto
  • User can choose to show or hide the words "Core Subjects" and "Non Core Subjects" on reports
  • User can add same subjects in all terms or diffrent subjects in all terms

In version V2.4 (2018)

  • Some issues fixed
  • Size for students photos increased from 600x600 pixels to 1000x1000pixels for clear image

In version V2.3 (2017)

  • If a student sat for only two terms, the program will calcualte the average at the end of the year but this will be done if the third term is included.

In version V2.2 (2016)

  • It gives the certificate of enrollment of each student with the names, birthday, and parents’ names of student.
  • User can print students’ identification.

In version V2.1 (2015)

  • If a student did only two terms the program will calculate the average automatically at the end of the year
  • The user needs to modify the logo once (on Menu page)and it will be copied to all reports automatically.
  • There is a sheet for students' photos. The user needs to modify the photo of each student on that sheet it will be copied on his/her report automatically.
  • Gives the report of each term without cells of other terms and at the end of year it gives the complete year report. This allow the user to print the term reports of two students on one paper and this will reduce the number of papers used for each term.
  • The user do not need to prepare the ranks report the program will do it for him/her automatically.
  • It gives the certificate of enrollment of each student but with the names and class of student only.
  • There are buttons which will help the user to print any report and other buttons to save, save as the file, open new and open existing file.

In version V1.3 (2014)

  • Automatic count
  • The program do not calculate the mean for a students who did only two terms at the end of the year. The user need to write average marks in the needed term.

In version V1.2 (2013)

  • The students are ranked automatically after entering all marks and also no classified students do not need to come after classified students
  • The program do not tell the user the number of classified students automatically. The user needs to count the classified students and then fill the number in a provided cell.

In version V1.1 (2012)

  • The program do not help the user to rank the classified students. The user need to modify the formula for ranking and also no classified students must become after classified students.
  • The report was in one format so that the report of each was the entire report of the year with empty cells for other terms.


Click the download button bellow to download the Testing copy. For this copy you will not be able to print reports. What you can do is to fill in information about the classe and students but the outputs are disabled.

After testing this copy, you can send us a request for a Full one. After receiving your request, we will send (through your email you will provide) all requirements needed to get the Full copy.

Full Copy Vs Testing Copy

Full copy
Testing copy
Add School info
Add Class info
Add Students info
Add subjects
Add Students marks
Insert Students photos
Display reports formats
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