From this page you will find different notes that can help you in your daily teaching/learning activities. You will also find different downloadable textbooks. To downlaod any pdf file you must log in to your account.

Mixed exercises for S3 Students

Making practices, especially in Mathematics, is very important since it allows students to gain a deeper understanding or make connections between concepts. This pdf file contain mixed mathematics questions with their solutions (all working steps) for senior three students.

Mathematical induction

The method of mathematical induction (or proof by induction) is one of the method used to prove that a given statement Pn is true for all positive integers n. This PDF file will teach you how to use this method step by step.

Study of a function

This pdf file will help you to learn how to study a function step by step. Before reading this pdf file you need to know differentiation and its applications.

Number Bases

In our days to day we use a counting system known as decimal system (base ten). In this system we group items in sets of ten and use ten digits {0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9}. There are other bases like base two (or Binary system), base three, base four, ... In this summary, you will learn how other bases (other than base ten) work.

Mathematical Modeling of Uganda Population Growth

Mathematical Modeling of Uganda Population Gowth is a textbook done by Prof. Augustus Wali, ICYINGENEYE Pacifique and KAGOYIRE Epiphanie. This textbook talks about the Population of Uganda.

Rwanda Population Growth

Rwanda Population Gowth is a textbook done by ICYINGENEYE Pacifique. It talks about the Population of Rwanda. It can help mathematicians who want to know how to use mathematical modeling in predicting future entities.

Deck of 52 playing Cards

In Mathematics, especially in Probability, it is very important to know playing cards when finding probability of some events. Here you will find a deck of 52 playing cards, the names used for those cards and other terms to know.

Probability Exercises & Solutions

In Mathematics, Probability is a topic which is some how difficult for some learners and even teachers. Here, I collected some questions and their answers.

Advanced Linear Algebra

Advanced Linear Algebra is a textbook done by ICYINGENEYE Pacifique. It was prepared to help learners and teachers in advanced level of secondary schools.