What is School Reports Creator?

SCHOOL REPORTS CREATOR is a web application designed for creating Students Progress Reports.

It generates:

  • Students Progress Reports,
  • Students Ranks,
  • Students To whom,
  • Subjects Summary,
  • End of Year Summary, ...

Using SCHOOL REPORTS CREATOR will provide several distinctive features. Probably 90% of your time will be saved and many more. Don't get tired of spending hours, days and days making Students Progress Reports. This software is here to help you.

  • Help teachers to create reports online or offline,
  • Help students to acces their marks online,
  • Create high quality and accurate reports,
  • Create all reports needed by teachers and students.

Online Version

School Reports Creator - Online version allows teachers to create reports online and students to view their marks online. The developer created it after realizing that in the period of COVID-19 while most schools were closed, some students were following their lessons online. So, the program that can help teachers to create progress reports online is also needed. To use this version, your school must be registered in this system.

Some benefits of online version:

  • Teachers are able to create reports online.
  • Students can view their marks online.
  • Teachers can share documents online between themselves, and between them and students.
  • It will also help teachers to store students marks online so that they can edit and print them anytime.
  • Teachers can create reports using their smart phones.
  • Reports are exported to PDF format.
  • ...

Offline Version

School Reports Creator - Offline version is a program created based on Microsoft Office Excel Formulae and vba codes. To use it you must have MO Excel 2007 or later installed in your computer.

The main feature of this program are:

  • This program produces reports for
    • Nursery level
    • Primary level (Lower and Upper)
    • Secondary level (Ordinary and Advanced)
  • It allows to add different subjects in all terms. (i.e if the subjects in Term 1 are different from subjects in Term 2 or in Term 3, you can add them)
  • Second sitting can be activated or deactivated.
  • Students photos are easily inserted.
  • etc ...